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Day Eighteen – Portsmouth and Arundel

Today, we went for a trip in two different places, Portsmouth & Arundel Castle.

In Portsmouth we visited HMS victory which is a ship used in 1805. We learned about Nelson’s Flagship and the Battle of Trafalgar, the battle that consisted of the French and Spanish troops combining for the invasion of Britain, yet the British had won after the surrender of the other countries. The story was interesting and fun to learn as we got to experience the way the soldiers and marines would go through their lives in the war, it definitely was something we weren’t expecting.

After that we went to Arundel Castle, which was founded in 1068 by Arundel Roger de Montgomery. This castle is the house of the current 18th Duke of Norfolk and was the house for many of his other ancestors such as the uncle of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, both of them being ex-wives of Henry VIII.

Arundel castle was giant and we were shown many gardens, and jousting which was brand new information for us as it was a competition, in which someone riding a horse had to touch a certain part of the torso of their opponent with a sword and be shattered.

After that, they taught us about the civil war in England about the Royalists and Parliamentarians between 1642-1651. It definitely was a grey but fun experience as we got to learn so many new things.

Myles Corrales

Newton College, Lima, Peru