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Day Seventeen – Canterbury

Today I had a lot of fun when we visited Canterbury. After an early wake-up and breakfast we got on the coaches and made the hour and a half long journey to Canterbury. Once we got there, we took a peaceful boat ride along the River Stower and learned about the famous buildings and people of Canterbury, like the King’s school and the death of Thomas Beckett. We then walked over to the famous Canterbury Cathedral and spent some time walking around. We saw famous sites of the church, including the exclusively French mass held in the crypt, the tombs of the black prince and King Henry IV, the candle placed at the spot of the death of Thomas Beckett, and the magnificent stained glass windows. We then had some free time to shop and we stopped in the local bookstore and coffee shop. We then took the trip back to Charterhouse and had a delicious pizza for dinner before a fun house movie night. Overall a very relaxing day.

Matthew Bovo

Rumson Country Day School,

Rumson, New Jersey, USA