Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Eighteen – Windsor Castle & Runnymede

As the sun rose over England’s green and pleasant land, the anticipation and excitement of the day was hard to hold back as we travelled back over 900 years to the very roots of world democracy. 

As we loaded the coaches, we really felt like Robin Hood and his merry men riding through Sherwood Forest; except we were through the awe-inspiring Surrey Hills back 900 years to the times of ‘Bad King John’ and the Magna Carta. 

We arrived at Runnymede and walked where those feet in ancient time once trod toward where the Magna Carta was signed. The prestigious grounds of the monument stood in full righteous glory beckoning as a symbol of world democracy and the rule of law. 

Few places reach so heavily to the heart of a nation where the Barons of the land and Church demanded for an adventurous new world and the King was forced to surrender the old in replacement for justice and the very idea of trial by jury. 

Enthusiasm and energy levels sky rocketed reaching very dizzying heights (particularly for our staff and students from the USA) when we passed American soil in the middle of Surrey! This land donated to the United States by the Queen following the assignation of JF Kennedy standing so close epitomises the shared values and interest of our two countries. 

It was then time for our very own back to the future trip as we headed up the Thames toward the historic town of Windsor through the majestic English countryside. By Scott! The views were breathtaking as was the magnificent weather. Our very own DeLorean was a magnificently restored Victorian steam boat which even the Queen had been on. 

As we approached Windsor Castle, the boat became filled with elation as we spotted the Royal Standard flying. Everyone enjoyed a look around the Royal residence and St George’s Chapel where Prince Harry and Megan got married before exploring Windsor and the Royal Arcade in some free time. 

Tomorrow we have our final on-campus day before visiting the unique and lively seaside town of Brighton.