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Day Nineteen – Our Final On-Campus Day

Sorry for the delay in putting yesterday’s blog up. We were having too much fun dancing at the disco! 

Today we welcomed a much later and cooler wake up! The extra hour in bed was needed after adventuring in the extreme heat yesterday and we filled our bellies with a traditional English breakfast muffin.

This morning we were given a free choice for the activities we wanted to participate in. A bunch of us were making friendship bracelets and fortune tellers in arts & crafts, whilst some of us headed over to the sports hall to test out our new found badminton skills & have a game of basketball. The rest of us could be found on the AstroTurf putting the final touches to our hockey technique. 

We later gathered at the ISCA garden to begin the long anticipated Cranleigh challenge!

Split into our ISCA Olympic teams, we set off orienteering the Cranleigh campus in search of the 20 checkpoints; each of these displayed a symbol which we had to decode, leaving us with a collection of words. Check points were found near our houses, in the quad, on the field, and even by the cow statue at the front of campus. The more words we collected from visiting the checkpoints, the more points we won for our team. 

After enjoying another traditional English meal, fish and chips, for lunch, we went back out to the ISCA gardens in our teams. Using the words we found earlier in the morning, we had to create a play that incorporated these which had links to our time at Cranleigh and ISCA. We enjoyed watching each other show off our staff impressions, re-enact historical events, and we even got to see some pretty realistic Boris Johnson’s and Mega Ducks!

Later in the afternoon we chilled back in our houses. We began packing our cases with all our new souvenirs and clothes, and tidying our rooms in order to be ready for our departure on Sunday. 

After a cool shower and some time to put on our glad rags we headed for our indoor bbq (due to the weather). Burgers, chicken, salad, strawberries and cream consumed, we strolled over to the disco. DJ Tristan did not disappoint with tune after tune! We danced, we sang, we did the conga and finished with the ISCA tradition of Auld Lang Syne.