Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Four – Our first on-campus day!

Today was our first on-campus day. It was a beautiful, hot summer’s day where we introduced the students to some sports and activities they may never have played before including netball, Eton fives, cricket and rugby and others they will have – football, squash and drama.

We split the group into 6 different sports groups and they did three activity sessions throughout the day. Everyone seemed to love meeting new people and playing new sports and activities. There was certainly a lot of energy on campus!

In the afternoon, we did a few workshops on Bath and Stonehenge – where we will be visiting tomorrow – to give the students an idea of the history of the places we will be exploring.

After dinner, we had our first in-person future skills courses (after doing 3 online sessions already) and the entrepreneurship, leadership and public speaking groups had a fantastic time trying to figure out which business idea to pitch to the “ISCA Dragons” or conducting a mini debate about various topics including space travel!

Those who didn’t take part in the future skills courses did voluntary sports and activities across our campus!

Tomorrow we will be visiting the beautiful city of Bath and go back 5,000 years to Stonehenge!