Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Fourteen – Windsor Castle and Runnymede

Today was set for Runnymede and Windsor. After an early breakfast at 7:45, the four coaches split into two groups, one going to Runnymede, the other set for Windsor. The first group at Runnymede travelled to a memorial for the past president John F. Kennedy. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were said to have good relations with the late president; to honor his legacy, they gave the U.S people one acre of land to commemorate him.

From there, the group walked to the site where King John sealed the 807-year-old Magna Carta in 1215. Fun fact: The American Bar Association funded its memorial and upkeep. Then the group went on a boat tour to travel to Windsor.

While the group entered Runnymede, the second group arrived at Winsdor Castle. They explored the ins and outs of the Queen’s Estate. They saw the State Apartment, St. George’s Chapel, and Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. After a quick lunch, this group had some added free time to explore the town of Windsor. There were quite a few points of interest like High Street Shops and Eton Village. Then this group took the same boat ride to Runnymede and had the same plan.

After a fantastic yet, relaxing day, the ISCA staff and students can all agree that today was a great day!