Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Thirteen – The Charterhouse Challenge

This morning we had a lie in and woke up to our mysterious Charterhouse Challenge, which was led by our special guest, The Admiral, and his son, Thomas.

In the morning on-campus session, the students were free to decide what activities they would like to do. These activities included Salsa Dancing, Bavarian Spider Wrestling, Art, Rugby NW, Squash and Tennis.

In the next session, the Charterhouse Challenge began so we split the group into 10 teams, all representing different countries from around the world. The first task was an orienteering challenge around the campus. The aim was to collect different symbols which represented a variety of words which were all related to the ISCA Programme.

The next challenge was to use these words and phrases to create a drama skit in their teams. Each team had to perform their sketch in front of everyone, including the ISCA judges who gave them marks for various different skillsets throughout the day. The team with the most points got a prize at the end of the day which were our ISCA 2022 T-shirts!

In the evening we had a range of voluntary sports and activities which everyone could get involved in and then had an early night before heading off to see the Queen at Windsor Castle tomorrow!