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Day Six – Houses of Parliament and Covent Garden

Our day began at 7am with some unsurprising weather… rain. By 7:30am we headed to the cafeteria, where delicious food was served. Afterwards, the sun came out and we headed to our first stop, the Houses of Parliament. Inside we could find the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The architecture was awesome and we had a great time listening to the guided tour.

Once we left, we went on a quick 20 minute walk, along the River Thames and towards Covent Garden, an elegant piazza that holds stalls at the Apple Market, and the Royal Opera House. Towards the centre of it, we were able to visit loads of famous stores like The North Face, Apple and Gucci. We ate some lunch and had time to explore the area until 15:20 pm. Subsequently, we left Covent Garden and headed in the direction of the coaches with a satisfactory sensation of both shopping and knowledge.

Tomas del Toral,
St George’s College Quilmes