Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Sixteen – Campus Day Five

Today we did not go to any places as it was an On-Campus Day, so that meant that we did some nice activities. The day started with breakfast at 8:30am, as usual, to refill our energy.

After breakfast, we went to the ISCA Garden to join our groups for our activities for the day. First, my group did volleyball as the first activity. It was full of excitement as everyone was having a great time playing. Afterwards, we had art for second activity. It was a very funny activity to do as everyone unveiled their creative skills. The third and final activity was rounders, where despite how tiring it was, it was a good experience.

After the activities, we had workshops about the places we will be visiting the next two days, where every group presented important information of what they had investigated.

Our day finished with the dinner at 6:30 and the voluntary activities at 8pm. After that time, we all went to our houses to sleep.


St. George’s Lima, Peru