Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Sixteen – On-Campus Day 5

Today was our fifth on-campus day and the students participated in a number of sports and activities including yoga fit, volleyball, rounders, art, tennis and rugby.

Today is a really nice day as we are in the final week of the programme and by now everyone has met one another, made new friends and have a laugh together as they try new things.

Our infamous staff vs student football match took place this afternoon. The staff played four different teams including an all girls’ team who put them through their paces. Across the 4 matches, the staff narrowly won overall with the score 6-4.

This evening we had our Future Skills Presentation Evening where those who have been participating in our online and in-person Future Skills Courses of Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship showed off their new skills in front of a panel of judges.

We had speeches on how social media makes teens unhappy and what we need to do to improve social media use; whether or not we will ever meet extra-terrestrial life; and a passionate speech about Roe V Wade.

There were 5 entrepreneurship groups who all pitched their business ideas to the ISCA Dragons. We had a sustainable powdered makeup brand; a global internship programme for schools leavers; an educational website which provides students with access to learning materials from all over the globe; an app company which provides adaptive recipes for people with dietary requirements; and a sustainable clothing brand which receives second-hand clothes and re-fashions/modernises them to create unique clothes for the buyer.

It was a wonderfully creative evening and the ISCA Dragons were so impressed by each team that they ended up battling it out to be chosen to “invest” in each team’s new business.