Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Seventeen – Oxford

Today we went to Oxford and we visited the university. It was an awesome day which let us think more about our future and what we want to be in life.

First, we arrived at the centre of town and went to the university tour. We have been in different areas of the university which let us know what the real daily life of a college student is like and gave us a bit of history about the university. Such as the hall, botanic garden and houses.

Then we went shopping for amazing university merchandise and souvenirs. We got the famous Oxford t-shirts and hoodies.

Finally, we had lunch and continued walking around this gorgeous town. Oxford university is the second oldest university in the world. Oxford has cultural diversity and people are really friendly.

In the evening, we did our staff vs student basketball games. The students won so easily that we stopped keeping score to keep the ISCA staff happy!