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Day Twelve – The Globe Theatre and St Paul’s Cathedral

Today we went to London and saw Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Did you know that the most expensive seats are the ones that are next to the stage? The reason behind this is that the people who are sat next to the stage were constantly seen, which was like Instagram back then. We then went to a separate building with our tour guide and did a workshop on Romeo and Juliet with our school groups. In the workshop we played a bunch of fun games like one where we walked and did various activities like pointing at the sky when she said heaven. We then went to the Tate Modern Art Gallery and ate our packed lunch. We walked across Millenium bridge after and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral. We climbed over five hundred steps to get to the very top and the view was breathtaking. You could see all of London from the top. We then explored the rest of the Cathedral, where King Charles married Princess Diana, in little groups and met outside. We had a bit of free time and then gathered as our coach group to go home to Charterhouse. This evening there will be sports activities such as staff vs student hockey, volleyball and squash.

Weston Stilley,

Hampton Roads Academy