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Day Eleven – Bath and Stonehenge

Our journey to Stonehenge was an unforgettable experience! As we approached the iconic monument, there was some anticipation as we waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the rocks. As we walked around the site, we listened to the audio guide telling us interesting facts about it. We couldn’t help but think about the size of the stones, each one carrying an untold story of how they reached their final resting place. Standing in their presence, we felt a connection to history and a deep appreciation for the mysteries that still surround Stonehenge. We were humbled by the realisation that we were visitors in a space that had witnessed countless generations pass by. As we bid farewell to Stonehenge, we headed to the Roman Baths. After taking a group picture at “The Circus” we had some free time to explore the city and get some lunch. Afterwards, we explored the Baths whilst using an audio guide to help deepen our knowledge of the ancient site.

Luis, Juan, Gabriel and Adrian

Abraham Lincoln School, Lima, Peru