Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Two – Winchester

On our second day at ISCA, we woke up happy at 8:30am because our jet lag was finally gone! After that we had a breakfast of bacon, potatoes, authentic British beans (to the shock of many of the American students), egg toast, cereal and fruit!

Then, we watched a welcome presentation given by some of our teachers. It was super cool to see a video of all the places we were going to visit and definitely raised our excitement a little bit. The best part was the instrumental version of Harry Styles song (As It Was) playing in the background as we watched the video.

Then, we grabbed our bags and got on the coaches to go to Winchester. When we arrived, we ate a picnic lunch underneath the trees outside Winchester Cathedral.

Afterwards, we went to Winchester Great Hall. We had so much fun there dressing up and filming a short (and hilarious) skit we created ourselves. Then, we went inside Winchester Cathedral and admired the architecture and saw so many cool things. Our favourite thing we saw was the tombstone of Jane Austen. After that our group had some free time to go exploring on our own. We went to a mall and got some smoothies that were super refreshing.

Then we got back on the coaches to go to the welcome BBQ at Charterhouse. Today was super fun and we can’t wait to explore more of England tomorrow!

Chloe & Maya