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Harry Potter Studios

After breakfast we all went back to our houses and some of us watched Harry Potter movies.

We departed at 12pm to Warner Brother studios. When we got there someone from Warner Brothers met us and gave tickets out then walked us too the start of the tour.
When we got there we went to two different sound rooms where we watched two little videos that introduced the studio. At the end of the second one the screen lifted up and we walked into the great hall.
Once we saw the great hall we went into another room where things such as the Gryfindor common room was, Quidich, make up and costume, wands, Hagrids house and Dumbledors office.
We left the first room through the forest past the big spiders into where the train was. You could get onto the train and see all the different carriages.
We then went to see privet drive where you could go into Harrys house. We also saw the night bus, part of the bridge and Rons blue car.
The next room was the special effects room. We saw little models of the sets and also masks that the actors wore.
 We finally walked up Diagon Alley and saw the big Hogwarts castle which we all thought was amazing.
We had a little time in the shop and then back to the coaches were we had a quiz on Harry Potter..
When we got back to the campus we had the choice to play football, volleyball or dodgeball.
Written by: Hanna, Julianna, Katherine, Helen, Elena, Grayson, Carlos, Jose, Mateo, Tomas, Charlie