Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Parliament & Campus Sports

Today, we got up early and went to London.

We started the day in Victoria Tower Gardens where we took lots of pictures.

Then we went into the Houses of Parliament.

We saw lots of paintings of the previous Kings and Queens and statues of the Prime Ministers.

We saw lots of different rooms inside, such as the House of Commons and House of Lords. The House of Commons and House of Lords were really interesting because the House of Lords in decorated red with lots of gold, but the House of Commons is decorated green.

We walked over the River Thames on Westminster Bridge to Embankment where we had lunch in the gardens in front of the London Eye.

We watched a street performer who was very flexible and folded himself into a small box.

We came back to the campus to do different voluntary activities, such as dodgeball, art, music, needlepoint, volleyball, nukeā€™em, kickball and ultimate Frisbee.

Written by Crawford, Daniel, Jackson, Rodrigo, Ariana, Katharine, Tomas, Ana, Cohen, Jeremi, Diego, Isabella, Michael and Olivia