Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA Arrivals Day 2016


ISCA 2016 has officially started, with schools from all over the world coming together to share the experience of a momentous three-week summer camp. From planes to trains, cars to coaches, everyone has arrived excited and eager to make this the best year ever.

The first day can always be interesting, new faces and new surroundings, not to mention the jet lag! With all students and staff safely landed and collected from the airport terminals the day can start. After a long flight the Charterhouse kitchen provided the fuel needed to recover from the travel, and to prepare everyone for the day ahead.

Following a much needed lunch break after all the travel, the students and staff were taken on a tour of Charterhouse School, identifying historic and culturally significant buildings and landscapes as they went. With the tour of the site complete we headed to the historic market town of Godalming, a short walk along rural towpaths where students and staff could experience the delights of what is a fantastic town in a beautiful setting, oh and the chance to do some shopping! No day out in the U.K would be complete without a small downpour of rain, with a few soggy socks and some muddy laces everyone returned to Charterhouse for a well-deserved dinner and to dry off.

In preparation for the days to come it was an early night (for most) and a great start to what is going to be an incredible three-week experience for students and staff alike. ISCA 2016 is underway… next stop Winchester.