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ISCA On Campus Day Four

Today at ISCA was another on campus day, a day for the students to enjoy some exercise and fun games after a couple of long days travelling and sight seeing. The day began with the options of sports provided by the expert ISCA staff, which involved some alternative sports for the students to engage in. The choices were footgolf, capture the flag (which turned out to be a massive hit), ultimate frisbee, rounders, a sports extravaganza, and the famous, ancient Charterhouse tradition of Bavarian spider wrestling…a game that has inspired many for generations on the hallowed Chaterhouse turf.

So a fun filled, alternative sports morning in the sun was then followed by the ‘Chaterhouse Challenge’, a prestigious game reserved for the elite. First involved a scavenger hunt around all of the grounds, where the aim was for the students to collect hidden clues to obtain 20 answers. The same teams then had to collaborate to develop and perform various scenes in front of the rest of the students, which proved to be very entertaining for all involved!

The day concluded with dinner, and a fascinating lecture about Canterbury and the history behind the beautiful English city, giving the students the taste and background knowledge for what is to come in the next few days. All in all, another fantastic day on the ISCA summer camp…onto the next and Wimbledon/Hampton Court Palace tomorrow!