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ISCA Visit Bath and Stonehenge 2014

Today we were blessed not only with glorious sunshine, but also with the sights and sounds of majestic Bath. As we were making our way past the rolling hills that characterise the Avon and Somerset countryside, we suddenly saw Bath in all its Georgian glory. It was amazing to hear that a World Heritage Site shuch as Bath was originally inhabited by a leper and his pigs nearly 3000 years ago! Upon entering the town centre our first stop were the Roman Baths. There we learnt what life was like in Aquae Sulis (the Roman name for Bath) and saw the shrine to the ancient God of water Sulis. It was amazing to see hot water pouring out of the ancient hot spring after all these years. After visiting the baths we had the opportunity to visit some of the other sights Bath has to offer, as well as try some delicious fudge! Once we left Bath we were back on the coaches for the short drive to Stonehenge. It was incredible to see one of the most important prehistoric monuments in the world, as well as learn how it was first constructed some 5000 years ago.