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ISCA visit Bath and Stonehenge

Heading west and back in time!

Today we had a wonderful day visiting the Roman City of Bath, or Aquae Sulis, as it was known in Roman England, and Stonehenge. The morning began with our four private ISCA buses heading west, with the group relieved that we were for once heading in a direction not blocked by the English traffic! On arrival in Bath the students visited the Roman Baths, dating back to 60-70AD. After exploring the baths, and the hot springs that flow underneath, the group even had a chance to taste the water that flows into the baths! Not to everyone’s liking… The group then had the chance to explore the cultural, and material, side of Bath – with many students walking up to the beautiful Royal Crescent, and over Pulteney Bridge. Some even had the chance to visit the world famous flag store!

The afternoon allowed us to make the short journey to Stonehenge – a simply astonishing site. Dating back to 3000BC this monolithic monument astounded the group. How did it get there? As we explored the site, ominous black clouds moved overhead, giving the whole experience a fourth dimension. After reviewing the various different theories, and establishing that Professor Michael Hutchinson’s theory was probably not to be trusted, the group boarded the buses and headed back to the campus.

Tomorrow we are heading back into London. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is waiting for us, as are some well-known Shakespeare actors, to take us through our acting paces. We will also have a chance to visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery, as well as St Paul’s Cathedral – a wonderful day awaits!