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ISCA visit Canterbury 2015

An early start on an overcast Monday morning to start the journey Eastwards from Charterhouse across to the famous city of Canterbury. After Saturday’s lecture on the Cathedral and historical incidents surrounding Canterbury, the students were, needless to say, excited to add some visible context to this knowledge! Groups rotated between a lovely boat trip across the river, a guided tour of the Canterbury Cathedral, and free time for the students to explore and engage in the beautiful city…as well as making the most of the very quaint shops that were on offer.

The cathedral has stood for nearly 1000 years, hence the amount to cover within the site was extraordinary- and arguably the most famous history relates to the murder of St. Thomas Becket by Henry XI’s Knights in 1170. We visited the crypt where the Archbishop was killed, which has made the cathedral a place of pilgrimage for Christians who were looking to pay homage to the Saint who was wrongfully murdered. It was brilliant to see the engagement of the students at a site that has been so pivotal to British history.

The boat tour was a great way to see the city of Canterbury. Being punted along the river by our own independent rower gave the students feet much earned rest bite from the rigours of a couple of on campus days!

The day concluded with a relaxed evening, particularly for the girls who had a ‘girls night’ organised by the female ISCA staff members- consisting of films, girly talk, and numerous sweets and treats! Whilst the boys were treated equally as fairly- with some games of football, cricket and rugby on offer as part of the prestigious Charterhouse ‘Tri- Wizard tournament’ in order to sharpen up their skills for another on campus sports day tomorrow!