Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA On Campus Day Five – 2015

Our penultimate on campus day…
The sun finally decided to shine in England today (at some points…), enabling the ISCA 2015 group to enjoy another wonderful on campus activity day.
Today the students had the chance to learn more about rugby, and play some aspects of the game that they had not had a chance to play before, hockey and rounders (half way between baseball and softball!). There was also the chance to do some Drama with the wonderful Ula – and we are all very much looking forward to the students end of camp production in a few days time! Tennis was also offered – a few budding Andy Murray/Rafa Nadal players in our midst, obviously enspired by Sunday’s trip to Wimbledon!
Football/soccer (if you’re from accross the pond!) was our final acitivity today – with students learning to oass the ball without using their head/feet! This session certainly aided preparations for the staff-student football match on Friday!
Today is also Peruvian Independence Day! As such, we were treated to a wonderful presentaiton about Peru, and its’ foods and customs – including a wonderful dance routine, from the students’ of Newton College, Lima. The presentation was prepared and given in full by the students, allowing us all to understand a little more about Peruvian culture, geography and heritage.
Tomorrow we head to the City of Dreaming Spires – Oxford! We will also be taking in Blenheim Palace – a wonderful palace in the heart of the English countryside, and the birthplace of Winston Churchill!