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ISCA Visit Wimbledon Tennis and Hampton Court Palace

Today the kids spent a rather cloudy morning touring Wimbledon where they learned all about where the recently finished tournament was played and saw centre court in all its glory.  Many were able to purchase official merchandise from Wimbledon 2014. They also learned that individual blades of grass are counted on each court and that there are 54 million blades per court! As the clouds began to part and the sun to shine, the kids arrived at Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII and the Tudor Dynasty. They saw the magnificent painted ceilings of Henry’s apartments, created by the legendary artist James Thornhill, who also painting the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. They were treated to period character acting from George I and court. Finally, they were themselves to the centre of the garden maze before heading back to campus for dinner and sports. Tomorrow, it is off to Canterbury!!!