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ISCA On Campus Day Four 2014

Today was yet another successful campus day, despite the slightly gloomy weather this morning. The day kicked off with the kids having the choice between one of three sports to partake in for our morning of activities; including hockey, fives and various indoor games. As the sessions progressed, the storm clouds cleared and we were left with beautiful blue skies for the remainder of the day. After lunch, the ‘Charterhouse Challenge’ commenced. Part one consisted of the children being allocated to a team and given a campus map. The aim was to use the map in order to search for cones that were scattered around the campus, each displaying Japanese symbols. The symbols were then taken back to base to be translated into English words by our very own Admiral. Part two of the challenge entailed each team to put on a dramatic performance using the words found in the prior hunt. Points were awarded along the way for the likes of good behaviour and skilful execution. After some fantastic performances, the red team were victorious. After an activity filled day in the sun, the children are ready for a good night sleep in preparation for their trip to Wimbledon Park and Hampton Court Palace tomorrow.