Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Fifth On-Campus Day

Day 16 saw another ISCA on-campus day.
After the long day of Bath and Stonehenge we were happy to have more time in our beds, waking up at 8:15am.
So after a late breakfast, we split into our sports groups where we participated in various sports and activities led by the ISCA staff such as Hockey, Squash, Rounders, Aussie Rules, Art and Drama. Although the sessions were joyous, the heat was unbearable, I never knew England could be so hot, but with sufficient water breaks we coped pretty well. We ended up doing 3 of the activities throughout the day, with a filling lunch in between. As always with any hot day, we graced the pool with our presence to cool us off.
To finish the day we had dinner and are mentally and physically prepared for Winchester and the theatre!