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Windsor & Runnymede

26 July 2018

Windsor Castle and Runnymede


Today we went to Windsor Castle and saw the chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married in May and where King Henry VIII is buried. Some groups were able to witness the changing of the guards, which was cool. When the Royal Standard flag is flying, the Queen is in residence, but it wasn’t there today. We also learned that Winsor Castle is the oldest and largest castle with residence. It has approximately 1000 rooms! After visiting the castle, we got to explore the city of Windsor where we grabbed a snack and witnessed the wonders of the village.

From here we took boats on the Thames River up to Windsor which was really intriguing. We went through two locks where the waters fell to let us go down the river. The boat engine worked with steam, it was approximately two hours on the boat, so some of us got really sunburnt.

Today we also went to Runnymede which is the location of the signing Magna Carta in 1215. We went and took pictures of the site and also saw the art installation of twelve chairs which symbolize the Jurors and influence of the Magna Carta. Nearby we also visited the John F. Kennedy Memorial which is also American soil.


Mary Henley (Charlotte Latin)

Oakley (Ravenscroft)

George (Charlotte Latin)

Juan Diego (Newton College)

Valentin (Saint Mathews)

Rodrigo (CPB)

Francesca (San Silvestre)

Daniela (San Silvestre)