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my son had an amazing time, learned a lot and developed great friendships along the way

ISCA will give your child a very safe and exhilarating international travel experience. The UK is in effect, the stage for our programme. However, ISCA prides itself on delivering so much more than a travel programme to the UK. Your child will:

  • Experience and learn about the amazing and rich history and culture of the UK in a fun and interactive way.
  • Meet other Middle School students from across the world, making global connections.
  • Benefit from over 41 years’ experience of the ISCA Summer Programme, allowing us to offer a programme that makes international travel a safe and compelling experience.
  • Stay in one of the most historic boarding schools in the country, with its state-of-the-art sporting facilities, excellent catering and single-bedroom boarding.
  • Have a high level of teacher supervision – with 1 teacher for every 5 students.
  • Take part in a huge range of sports and activities on our campus.

As a second time ISCA family, we knew what to expect, but our expectations were exceeded once again

Meet other Middle School students from across the world

While our students are from different countries and cultures, they share in the experience of travel to the UK. This allows them to form global friendships that they would never normally have access to. Students do not only learn about British culture, but also about that of their contemporaries.

In the globalised world we now share, parents often say to us that this exposure to international culture is one of the key advantages that ISCA offers. Your child will grow up working in international organisations and in an international community. ISCA recognises that establishing these global links will allow the students to be better prepared for the global economy that they will be part of.

my daughter came home with her mind open to many more possibilities

Keeping in touch during the programme

During the two or three-week programme your child’s teacher will be the main point of contact and will arrange to send updates to you regularly. In addition we offer many ways to stay in touch with our daily adventures, including photos which we will share with you at the end of each day.

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