Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Windsor Castle and Runnymede – Charterhouse

Today we concluded our ISCA journey in fittingly spectacular fashion, with a visit to the Queen’s most famous residence: Windsor Castle. We followed in the footsteps of Royalty as we marvelled at the beauty of St George’s Chapel, viewed her majesty’s gardens, and witnessed the changing of the guard – complete with the Scottish detachment of the marching band! But that is not all! After allowing the students to have one final shop for souvenirs and to continue their excellent work in keeping the British economy booming, we boarded our vessel for our boat trip down the Thames to Runnymede.

Runnymede – an iconic place in global history. It was here, in 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta. This laid down a set of laws that even the King had to answer to and thus giving the citizens of England new rights. Although the weather was ‘English’ the setting for our final day was superb – one last hurrah for the British history that we have all experienced over the last three weeks!

With the students all set for their return journeys tomorrow, our wonderful three weeks were reviewed in a final presentation, complete with an excellent presentation from the students of St George’s Quilmes and the Peruvian dancers, celebrating Peruvian Independence day. Even the ISCA staff were encouraged to try (and mostly fail) to participate! We then had an excellent final review video and staff gave their prizes and we all had our emotional final farewells. Sadly, all great adventures must come to an end, but the memories and friendships created from ISCA 2017 shall live on!

The program ended with a shock, a good shock. To celebrate 35 years of ISCA we are delighted to launch our new program, ISCA: The Reunion. This program will allow us to invite all former students back to the UK 17 months after they finish their ISCA program for a tour of Scotland and the North of England. Taking place during the New Year period this program will allow all our students the opportunity to experience the New Year in Edinburgh with old friends!

A huge thank you to everyone that has been a part of this wonderful experience!