Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 18 – Leeds Castle/Brighton Beach and Wicked

Today the ISCA team were in for a treat! For the first time during their stay the schools were given a choice of where they wanted to go, with a few opting for the Historical Leeds Castle. The majority headed down the south coast to Brighton, hoping to enjoy the pier and beach. To their concern the journey was plagued with rain, however that didn’t stop the day as soon as the ISCA team arrived it was like a miracle and the sun shone. This meant we could see the Royal Pavilion for all it’s beauty. Nonetheless, they enjoyed the beach and pier!

Across to Leeds Castle, the groups there wasted no time in viewing the beauty of the castle and the perfectly pruned gardens. However, they still had to get navigate their way around the maze to ensure they could go home! All of the students were successful in exiting! Both groups arrived back at Charterhouse at 4pm to end part one our day.Part one you ask….Yes, we had an early dinner at Charterhouse then swiftly dressed in our finest attire (as time was of the essence), and off we were to London for a treat at The Apollo. We went to see the musical “Wicked.” What a wonderful spectacle! Such a well-designed stage with a completely fascinating performance by the cast. We were all so mesmerized by their soothing voices and joyful acting which prompted the a standing ovation!We arrived home safe and sound and off to bed. Next up, our last on-campus sports day!