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Day Twelve – The Tower of London, River Thames Boat Cruise and The London Eye

Today we had an incredible day in London, embracing its historic, iconic and cultural sights.

First off, we went to the Tower of London which was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. There we saw the Crown Jewels, Traitors’ Gate, the White Tower, saw the site where Anne Boleyn was beheaded, learned about the prisoners of the tower, including Sir Walter Raleigh and the Princes of the Tower – it is still a mystery as to what happened to the two young boys destined to become King of England one day!

For the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the moat around the Tower of London was filled with a wildflower meadow called “Superbloom”. It was beautiful and had a massive slide which everyone went down before wandering around all the different wildflowers.

From there we went on a boat trip down the River Thames and learned a little bit about the places we could see from the river, including the Globe Theatre, the Houses of Parliament, the OXO Tower, Tower Bridge and much more!

In the afternoon we went on the London Eye. This was a great opportunity to take lots of photos and see many of London’s iconic sights from above. The students spotted Buckingham Palace, the Shard, Wembley Stadium, St Paul’s Cathedral, Whitehall and lots of other impressive buildings.

In the evening, we came back for dinner and then did some voluntary activities before heading off to bed.