Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 16 – Our 5th On-Campus Day

Today we had a much needed lie in in preparation for our jam packed day of activities which was the Wellington Challenge! Our students were split randomly into 8 groups, representing 8 different countries. Their task was to find the 12 symbols which had been scattered all across Wellington Campus, to draw the symbol and bring it back to the ISCA faculty. The only glitch is that they were given a pen but not a piece of paper, so we had some very inventive people who drew the symbols on their body in mud and replicated the symbol using sticks. Once they had correctly shown the symbol they were given a secret word which the symbol represented. These secret words would then be used for our next activity – a drama session! The students had to connect all the 12 secret words to then put them into a drama sequence. One sketch involved the wizard Merlin travelling across the USA, Brazil and Peru to find the magic toad in a river whilst playing squash, visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and climbing a mountain along the way. It’s safe to say they were using their imagination and their creative juices were flowing!

The beautiful sunshine then came out and we had another activity session of either tennis, volleyball, cricket or football before dinner. This evening we did an ISCA Program Review where we tested the students knowledge on all of the places we have visited in the past 2 and a half weeks. Their knowledge was outstanding and they were rewarded with lots of prizes. Tomorrow we are off to Brighton to explore the English seaside, to have some ice cream and some fish and chips and then in the evening we are going into London to watch Wicked The Musical at the Apollo Theatre. We’re all very excited!