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Day Eighteen – Brighton

Today was a very exciting day – we went to the seaside to visit the Victorian town of Brighton.

In the morning we went to the Royal Pavilion, which was built from 1787 onwards for King George IV as a seaside escape from the royal court in London. It’s a beautiful, exotic palace which was inspired from architecture in India and China.

We then went to Brighton Palace Pier. It was built in 1899 but today has a number of rollercoasters, log flumes and exhilarating rides to go on. We had an absolute blast trying to run around and get on all the rides.

After fish and chips for lunch, we had free time to explore The Lanes. These narrow alleyways are jam-packed with independent shops, cafes, jewellers and art galleries. Many of us got lost but managed to get back to the beach for 3pm, to then get on the coaches and back to campus for dinner and an evening of voluntary activities, including staff vs student hockey. The staff won!

Today was also Peru’s Independence Day, known as “Fiestas Patrias”, so, after dinner, the Peruvian students all dressed up in red and white clothes and took pictures in Founder’s Court with the Peruvian flag!