Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 19 – On-campus sports day – Charterhouse

Another fun day was had by all at Charterhouse today! Today’s adventure… the ISCA Olympics!! All students were divided into ten groups to represent different countries from all over the world. East Timor, Tibet, the Marshall Islands, and of course the United Kingdom were among some of the countries represented today. Each country competed for points in various sports activities. However, as is so often the case with ISCA events, these events were not your ordinary 100 meter dash or shot-put. Hockey dribbling, rugby ball toss, and even a skills race were on the event list today! Students competed against each other to win points for their country and the enthusiasm was unbelievable!

Two sessions of ISCA Olympic activities ran this morning and in the first session this afternoon to give all students a chance to push their team above the rest! The last Olympics event involved a huge relay, pitting each country against each other with the addition of a new group- the ISCA staff! Using their nation’s flag as a baton, the 8 person relay dashed around the track. Two races were held to make sure all countries were able to send runners. On the last leg of the 800 meter relay, our ISCA director Luke Liddle pulled the staff team ahead and secured a victory!After a brief rain delay, it was time for the final sports event of ISCA 2017- the staff-student football game! All students were divided into football teams to have a chance to take on the staff! The students kept the staff on their toes for three close matches. Regardless of scores or the bit of rain we had this evening, spirits were high and talent was displayed!But wait, there’s more! Everyone ran back to their houses after the football match to get cleaned up and ready for the final disco! We had the BBQ in the cloisters to avoid the rain and shuffled quickly over to the dance hall to use up the last bit of energy everyone had left after a full day of sports! The fun night of dancing ended with the beloved tradition of singing Auld Lang Syne while staff and student alike joined hands. It is hard to believe that this wild adventure will soon be coming to an end.
Our next and final stop tomorrow, Windsor Castle!