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London Walks & Hampton Court Palace

Today was a first off campus day to London, our journey started in Pall Mall, close to St. James’s Park follow up by a lovely afternoon at Hampton Court Palace.

With a cloudy sky we started our London walk with a brief visit to St. James’s Palace where Princess Anne lives. This palace was the monarch’s primary London residence. Then, we headed towards Buckingham Palace, where Queen Victoria made it her official residence in 1837. A few steps away we took pictures of the Victoria Memorial which was unveiled in 1911. Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch until September of 2015 with 63 years and 7 months on the throne.

The changing of guard was also in our itinerary, Trafalgar square who opened in 1844 and honoured Lord Horatio Nelson. The Banqueting house where King Charles I was beheaded on January 30th, 1649 as he lost the Civil War and was accused of betrayed his country. Continuing our walk through Whitehall we reached 10 Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister Theresa May. This has been the home of the British Prime Ministers since 1735.

The Cabinet War Rooms where the British Government hided after a huge attack, this was used until Japan surrounded in 1945. And last but not least Parliament Square that holds 11 statues around it.

In Hampton Court Palace we saw the kitchen, the tennis court, the garden, the church and the art galleries which are possibly haunted. We also learned about King Henry VIII and his six wives. He also became the head of the Church of England so he could divorce Catherine of Aragon, his first wife as she could not have children.

Today was an introduction of what we will see during the rest of the program and we can not wait.


Asher (Ravenscroft)

Ryan (Ravenscroft)

William (Durham Academy)

Fleming (Durham Academy)

Riley (Charlotte Latin)

Andre (Casuarinas)

Luis (Abraham Lincoln)