Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 5 – Canterbury


Today we went to the cathedral of Canterbury and it was very big and beautiful.

We saw the place where Thomas Becket was murdered.

We went in the crypt and asked for a miracle.

Harry potter was going to be filmed there but it wasn’t in the end.

Afterwards we went on a boat trip.

It was really dangerous because you could hurt your head on the low bridges. We saw areas where people had hit their heads and bricks had broken away.

We saw where they used to dunk people they thought were a witch.

If they thought you were a witch they drowned you. If you were alive you were burned alive, and if you died, they said sorry to your families.

There was a bridge and above the bridge was a toilet, the bridge breaked and the man died and his pants fell in the water!

We also saw the theatre of Marlot who had died in a fight trying to pay the bills.

The city was very beautiful and old and there was a fire because of bombs. A piece from the burning mill fell on the pub and the firefighters decided to save the pub. ]there were houses with no windows so the English didn’t have to pay as much tax.

Overall, the trip was very fun and at the end we got to do a bit of shopping and took our first visit to Primark!