Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

First On-Campus Day

Day 4 saw ISCAs first on campus day.
We were happy to have our first lay in, waking up at 8:15. I think it’s fair to to say we are well over our jet lag.
So we kicked the day off by splitting into our sports groups where we participated in various sports and activities led by the ISCA staff such as; Tennis, Drama, Rugby, Football, Netball, Cricket. These were a delight as most of us had never played some of these sports in particular, but turns out they are really fun. We all ended up doing 3 of the activities throughout the day, with a very deserved lunch in between, which may I add had air conditioning which went down a treat in the blistering sun, to cool us down. As the day came to a close we were lucky enough to experience the outdoor pool.
To finish the day we had our workshops on Canterbury, which have prepared us for Tomorrows venture into Canterbury.