Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Six – Parliment and Covent Garden

An early start to our day saw us head in for our second visit to the heart of London. Upon our arrival we took a leisurely stroll along the banks of the river Thames; soaking in the early morning sunshine and the iconic city skyline.  From the banks of the Thames we took in the exterior of the Palace of Westminster, the home of the British Parliament, the building that we were about to explore in much greater detail on our guided tours. With the government and its members of parliament enjoying their Saturday off, we had complete access to arguably some of the most important rooms in all of the United Kingdom, and the history, tradition and legality of these rooms were brought to life by our brilliant guides. We all couldn’t help leaving the houses of Parliament well informed as to the things of the British government and with a sense of being budding politicians and historians ourselves.

Our afternoon saw us make our way over to the famous area of Covent Garden; a real London hotspot for shopping and entertainment. With the sounds of the musicians and street performers in our ears, food, gadgets, souvenirs and clothes were all purchased our students definitely returned to Charterhouse with smiles on their happy faces. Our action packed day was finished off with dinner and the choice of volleyball, football and ultimate frisbee in the evening sunshine.

The students managed themselves brilliantly in the hustle and bustle of the heart of London and are now fully accustomed to life at Charterhouse. Friendships are blossoming, and the multi-piece puzzle that is ISCA is coming together wonderfully.