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Day Nine – Stratford-Upon-Avon

After waking up at 7am, I got ready to start the day and headed off for breakfast. After a relaxing coach ride, we arrived in Stratford and walked around the beautiful town. Going inside and looking at Shakespeares old house felt so magical! We later split up and my group went to eat lunch as well as feeding some very gluttonous pigeons. We then saw Shakespeares final resting place in Holy Trinity Church. It was so amazing to see a town so in touch with its history, and so proud of its past citizens. The town was so gorgeous and the people were so kind to me and my friends. I cannot wait to come back soon. We headed back to Charterhouse for some dinner after a busy day and afterwards went to play activities in the evening including staff vs student volleyball.

Amelia Haggstrom,

Charlotte Latin School, North Carolina.