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Day Three – The Tower of London, River Thames Boat Cruise and The London Eye

Our day began at 7:00am. We got ready and went to the cafeteria at 7:30am for breakfast. The catering team prepared a delicious meal for us. After eating, we gathered with our school groups and took the bus to London.

The journey lasted about two hours, during which we had the opportunity to admire the landscapes, the city, and some beautiful buildings. Our first stop was the Tower of London, where we visited the crown jewels. We were fascinated by the historical significance of these royal treasures. Afterward, we walked around the Tower of London, capturing memorable photos and enjoying our lunch.

Then we took a boat that had two destinations. The first one was the Big Ben where we take nice photos, the second destination was London Eye where we had the chance to see the incredible landscape of London.

To conclude our expedition, we got some souvenirs such as keychains and sweaters.

Lastly, at 16:40pm, we returned to Charterhouse for dinner, evening activities, and our daily house meetings. It was a fantastic day, and we gained valuable knowledge and experiences!

Arantza and Jossie

Abraham Lincoln School