Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Twenty – Windsor and Runnymede

Emotions were running high yesterday evening as it dawned on the students that today was the last full day of ISCA 2019. However, the sadness of leaving was quickly outweighed by the wonder of Runnymede and Windsor castle. The rich history and significance of the Magna Carta, which was signed at Runnymede was a popular topic for discussion, whilst we enjoyed the luxury of the Queen’s favourite weekend getaway spot- Windsor castle.

Following a full exploration of Windsor castle, Windsor old town and Eton, the students returned to Charterhouse campus to pack and ready themselves for the last BBQ and dance. A delightful last day to finish what has been a truly awe-inspiring three weeks for staff and students alike.

At the end of our final presentation yesterday, we left the students with these words:

‘Nurture new friendships,
Embrace new cultures,
Cherish what you have learned.’

We hope all the students will hold this in their hearts as they leave tomorrow, along with a myriad of memories and the confidence that they have had their minds and hearts shaped and changed for the better though their ISCA experience.